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Recognition for our ongoing stewardship of the environment

Lanier and Ricoh have won multiple awards for our commitment to the environment. Recent recognition includes:

  • WEC Gold Medal. Ricoh received the 2003 Gold Medal for International Corporate Achievement in Sustainable Development from the World Environment Center for its contributions to worldwide environmental quality.
  • The World’s Most Respected Companies. A poll of CEOs in Financial Times in December 2001 ranked Ricoh as the number seven company that best manages and affects environmental resources.
  • Climate is Business Award. Presented at the 7th Conference of the Parties to the United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change, November 2001, by the U.S. and European Business Councils for Sustainable Energy, for Ricoh’s efforts to protect global climate.
  • Environmental Choice Designation.  Awarded by Environment Canada in September 2001 for copiers, printers and facsimile systems.
  • Innovest’s EcoValue 21st Rating. Awarded to companies that balance business and environmental conservation, Ricoh received an AAA rating in June 2001 and ranked first out of11 companies.
  • 2000 Environmental Stewardship Award. Presented by the Council on Economic Priorities at the 14th Corporate Conscience Awards in June 2000.
  • Energy Star Year 2000 Best Consumer Education. Ricoh is the first and only corporation to receive this award.
  • Energy Star Labeling Partner of the Year 2000. Awarded in March 2000 for the best of all Energy Star product groups.
  • Energy Star Awards for Office Equipment. From 1996 to March 2000, Lanier systems have received the Energy Star award for energy efficiency.
  • IEA Copier of the Future. In November 1999, the Lanier 5635 received the first ever “Copier of the Future” award for its energy-saving performance from the International Energy Agency based in Paris, France.