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Green products help conserve energy and reduce costs without affecting productivity

Reducing the amount of energy your organization consumes is an easy way to have a positive impact on the environment. To this end, Lanier offers energy-efficient document management systems that minimize power and resource consumption without sacrificing productivity or convenience. These systems offer many of the following


Ultra-Low Power Sleep Mode. After a short period of idling, systems enter a low-power sleep mode during which they consume just six to eight watts of electricity—significantly less than during normal operation. Models include the LD035, LD045, LD122, LD127, 5622, 5627, 5635, and 5645

Quick Start Up. Warm-up time is nearly 66% faster than competitive systems. This makes the sleep feature invisible to users, so the low-power mode does not get disabled.

Fast Duplexing. All systems operate in duplex mode at 95% to 100% of their rated speed, so users can quickly and easily complete copying jobs using half the paper.

Toner Recycling. This internal process helps improve toner yields, reduce wasted toner and decrease the frequency of cartridge replacements.

Sample Mode. This feature prevents paper waste by allowing you to print one sample copy to check settings prior to printing the entire job.

Energy Star®. The majority of Lanier systems have earned the Energy Star. Copiers that have earned the Energy Star "sleep" or power down when not in use, and use 40% less electricity compared to standard models. For more information about the Energy Star, visit