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Recycling conserves energy and resources

Lanier products are manufactured in facilities that meet the rigorous international standards of ISO 14001. These standards not only serve as the foundation from which companies develop their environmental management systems; they hold companies to a higher level of environmental responsibility.

Our commitment to providing products manufactured under these stringent conditions is just one example of how Lanier makes environmental conservation an integral part of our business.

For our customers, we offer a program to recycle toner cartridges. It’s an important strategy, because toner is second only to paper as our industry’s highest-volume consumable. This program is simple, easy and free. However, it requires your participation to work.

To participate, just drop your used toner cartridge back in the box, apply the pre-paid shipping label and send it back to Lanier. We do the rest. Returned cartridges (along with packaging and shipping materials) are disassembled, then sorted for reuse and material recovery.

Typically, between 95% and 100% of the total weight is recovered. This keeps used cartridges out of our landfills and conserves the energy and resources required to manufacture new ones. Lanier also promotes recycling of all empty toner containers.