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Toner Cartridge Return Program

Putting Cartridges into Service, Not Landfill

The toner cartridges in Lanier fax, printers and some small copiers incorporate mechanical and electrical components that are part of the imaging process. When the toner runs out, many of these parts are in as-new condition and can be re-used. Recycling these cartridges keeps them out of landfills and conserves the materials and energy it would take to make new ones.

Recovering 95-100% of the Total Weight

Through the Lanier Toner Cartridge Return Program , cartridges are disassembled and all parts - including shipping and packing materials - are sorted for parts re-use, material recovery and energy recovery. The parts are cleaned and inspected using sophisticated testing systems and equipment. Those that meet Lanier's strict quality standards are re-used in new cartridges. Parts not suitable for re-use are sent to material recovery partners. What little is left is used to generate energy.
The recycling plant itself is ISO 9002 certified for quality management and ISO 14001 certified for environmental management. The facility generates zero waste, which means that no product of its operation ends up in a landfill.

How to Return Your Used Lanier Toner Cartridge

Lanier encourages recycling of all end-of-life equipment and supplies. Our Toner Cartridge Return Program makes it easy by including pre-paid UPS or FedEx shipping labels with all of our returnable supplies. Simply re-use the replacement cartridge box as a return package. To determine if your supplies are eligible for pre-paid return via the Toner Cartridge Return Program , please look for the pre-addressed shipping label in the supply box. Easy to follow instructions are printed on the box’s inner flap.